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Advanced Auto Authority Services Inc is a professional auto repair shop that is synonymous with professionalism, competence, and quality. We work with individuals and businesses in Ranson, WV, and we are always prepared to assist them with the maintenance and repairs of their vehicles. We take a lot of pride in helping our community, which is why we offer outstanding services at wallet-friendly prices.

Auto Repair in Ranson, WV

What Happens if You Don’t Do a Brake Fluid Flush?

Old and dirty water in the brake lines significantly lowers the fluid’s boiling point, which can drastically diminish the stopping capabilities of vehicles and increase their braking distance. Furthermore, over time, the accumulated moisture can cause internal corrosion in the calipers, master cylinder, brake lines, and other parts of primary and secondary importance. Brake fluid flush is a preventive maintenance routine that keeps brakes fully functional and reliable.

What Makes Us Different?

Our auto repair & maintenance services are provided to our customers by our experienced and hard-working mechanics who know the ins-and-outs of the industry. Our employees can work on brakes of all generations and keep them in excellent working condition. We have the tools to quickly but correctly drain the old brake fluid from your system and replace it with fresh, clean fluid that will ensure your safety while on the road. Choosing us is choosing excellence.

Ready to Help

At Advanced Auto Authority Services Inc, we advise our customers to subject their vehicles to a brake fluid flush routine once every two years or around every 30,000 miles. This way they can effectively extend the useful lives of their brakes without making any compromises with their safety or comfort. We can handle each automobile like it is our own because we take seriously the trust of our customers in our auto repair shop.

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